Time goes on

4683609So my old bunk mate finally made parole and I would imagine that he is with his wife and son.  Time to make up for the time lost.  It seems the department of corrections has already issued another inmate.  He is a very good person it seems, a good Christian.

The days seem to be filled with joy because I give all the joy to God.  It finally feels great to be an example of truth.  I will always however remember to keep in mind life is not perfect …but God is.

Quote of the day:  “Today I choose to live for God in the perfect and imperfect world.”



Happy squirrelOh, yea, spring is here officially. I am seeing the trees, flowers and birds going through their new life cycles.  It touches me to bear witness to the sprouting green leaves and new buds that will soon radiate brilliant colors bringing happiness to the human eye.  To watch the small sparrows mate again bringing new life and following what their parents taught them.  These little things are reminders that God is …


Quote of the Day: “One of my past faults lies in not giving respect to those that care for others like my mother and friends and God.  Today I am thankful that is no longer the case.”


God is good

Cross of lightGod is so good no matter what happens,  no matter how I perceive things.  I will remain a faithful, obedient servant even in the darkest of times. Why?  Because in the end I know the difference between what is right and true and what is wrong and false.  I make the choice to do God’s will for the remainder of this physical life and the eternal spiritual life.  It has taken many paths and lots of negative emotions to get here (and some good emotions too), to clearly see my purpose and for that I thank you Father.


Quote of the Day:  “Because I remain steadfast in Faith people are looking up to me here.  God is my master and He gets all the praise.”


Cycle of prison life

bird on wire2Well I have now been here at CIM for over a year and I have been in the same dorm since I originally arrived.  I am seeing old friends leave either going to another prison or going home. And a lot of new people coming in.  Such is the cycle I suppose.  The one great reality is God never leaves and that makes me feel good and builds up my faith even more.  I pray that my example opens the eyes and hearts of these new people.  There are so many nice things to experience being Christ like.


Quote of the Day:  “As hard and difficult as life gets now, peace and truth in the end is where our souls can rest.”

Post from Mom

Mom's HeartBelow is a recent letter I received from Brandon that I wanted to share:

“Dear Mother,

   There are so many things that are good here and people are really seeing the results of living in Christ. Even the ones that are lost and in their drugs and depression come to me for advice.  My persuasion is by example only, not with words so much.  I show them the unconditional love and let them know that they are not infinitely bad because they are created by a benevolent Creator.  The flesh is a superficial wall that blocks the true light sometimes and I reassure them to always remember when they are are really “done” with their wrong choices there is a way out.

     And it is not just in Christianity.  If you believe in something greater than yourself than you have begun with the first step to becoming an honest person and find the path to travel on.  There are many, many paths that lead to the same place.

    Well I love you and everyone! God is beautiful.

Your faithful son,



A new day

laughingWhat a wonderful morning it is here in prison.  I am sitting outside on a wooden bench drinking a cup of hot coffee.  Out in the far distance I see the Chino Hills, then I see the fence… then I see the hills again…then I direct all my thoughts inside my body.  The catch is my thoughts cannot carry me across the fence so that I can climb the hills.  A reminder of the consequences of my choices which none of us are ever free from.


Quote of the day:  “Accepting consequences is the awareness that washes away our guilt and shame.”

Looking in the mirror

4540168I have to admit that by observing other people and how they try to persuade or manipulate others is like looking into a mirror sometimes.  It reflects my own old behavior as an addict and just plain character attributes that have come from years of bad habits in order to survive.  It is true, you do see yourself in how others act.
Quote of the day:  “Did I really look and act like that?! LOL”



bird on wire2

Well a whole year here and no big problems. My dedication and faith in God to be an example is starting to show and this motivates me even more to want a better life now and in the future.  I also realize that my own perceptions of what is good or bad is my own moral subjective, no matter what happens it is all because of God.


Quote of the Day: “We have to remain steadfast and vigilant in all our affairs and intentions.”

Just random…

Happy squirrelI’ve been thinking a lot as usual, would you imagine that I would be doing something different?! LOL!  Prison is the melting pot for thoughts. I wish I had a machine to record every person’s thoughts here in prison.

I woke up to a most beautiful sunrise.  I love this, and I look and perceive with a better mind starting the day like this.  oh, the little ground squirrels are back and they are looking good.  The little birds are getting their nests ready for the new ones coming in the spring. I do love watching nature as the seasons change.  God is great!

Quote of the day: “A new day brings thankfulness to my heart.”


My thoughts

1622875.jpgI noticed something today that caught my attention. Early this morning as I awoke, brushed my teeth and made some coffee I usually have a habit of watching the horizon to see the sun approaching. This morning I also thought,” what goes on in my mind every morning when I see across the electric fence?”  And I thought to myself,” I think about the things that mean the most to me, the things that truly matter.  Family, friends and the pursuit of all that is good and healthy.”  Let us all pray for the prisoner that has not yet taken these thoughts in to their heart.

Quote of the day: “If you are pure and live with complete integrity, He will rise up and restore your happy home.”  Job 8:6