A Season of Joy, even on the inside







So here we are at the close of another year with all the joy of the holidays to remind us of the bond of family and the love that helps us all in so many ways.  For me the holidays out on the streets were very difficult because on the streets it’s just all about survival, that is it.  Friendships were based on nothing but give and take principals.  It has taken me a while to learn that my definition now of friendship is a bond not only of a give and take but of a trust earned along with unconditional respect and empathy for each others experiences.


This year I am grateful for the love I have from family and I am grateful that my choices now promote goodness and well-being for not only myself but others in my life.  Soon I hope that all is well when I go in front of the Parole Board for an early release.  I tell myself not to put too much on my expectations, all will happen in God’s time and with God’s will.  So be it!!


I would like to send my respect and love to everyone and wishes for a Happy, Safe and very Merry Holiday season!!!


Quote for the Day:  “The calm we need to help regulate ourselves need not be sought but we only need to be aware of in our selves.”



What is consciousness?

learningHey again everyone,  this is prisoner “B” spreading great news and thoughts while secluded from the mainstream of society.  A condition of my own doing I might add …:)


I am in the throes of a new great question so profound that every desire to find the answer becomes all consuming.  The question that has my attention is, “What is and where does consciousness come from?”  Could is just be some quantum effect from a huge neuronal net in our brains or is it something that has a tangible reality?”  This one question can really take you on a trip all your life.  Because of the mysteriousness of it I feel I will never give up until I fully understand!


There are so many people with varied answers, varied experiences.  And there are those that seem spiritually enlightened with their own view points about the nature of this profound question.  As my own questioning has just been awakened my path is young yet, there is lots to know and so I travel on down that road until I know what I need to know.


I’ll keep you posted!


Higher Power

open eyeAgain here within the walls things are wonderful yet fixed. LOL! I have been reading a very interesting book, ” What the Bleep Do We Know?” and what a mind bender it is.  It has sent my ideas of reality in so many different directions and different paradigms of thinking my head is spinning.  I feel really alive! Once again I owe much gratitude to my special girlfriend for sending to me such a great new experience.  Gosh, I love books!   Oh and baby I love you too!
Mom's Heart



So I have a new bunk-mate and of course he is an elderly man (very).  After some conversation it appears he is knowledgeable in the academics field.  Pretty interesting  to me that he taught statistics in college and the fact that next semester I am taking intro to statistics. Now what are the odds of that?! Is there a Higher Power watching me?  All I can do is give thanks to either the coincidence of this relationship and/or to my Higher Power for watching over me so vigilantly.


So the other good stuff here in prison is that everyday is a step closer to enlightenment.  One day I am going to realize that all these days of searching for answers have really been waiting compassionately inside my heart all along, just waiting for me to finally realize. I am on my way to that day…




Mom's HeartHere we are again and I do have to admit that I would not change a thing.  I really need to thank both my mother and my girlfriend for all the attention they give me which helps the motivating force that keeps me going…in the right direction!  We really all should work at the concept of paying it forward because it does undoubtedly work.


First my gratitude to my beautiful, strong girlfriend for all the literature of self help she sends me.  Being able to learn new information about body, mind and spirit has been so enlightening to me.  To utilize this time to not only help myself but realize I can help others, well, simply put, “rocks!”

Secondly my gratitude to my wonderful mother for not letting go of our physical, mental and spiritual connection.  It is hard to put into words how much I appreciate the love and respect and attention.  Being wanted, desired, and needed is a basic requirement for a human which helps one to keep strong through all the tough and troubling days while incarcerated.  I do feel I owe them a great deal  They have helped to save my life.

I am having a powerful gratitude moment.  We have to recognize these because they really are so important to change.

The change of the seasons is near and we all on the inside appreciate the cooler weather.  We all still remain in this moment together, coping and maintaining.  I am thankful to be here and accept that my Higher Power has me where it is enlightening.


It’s raining!!

2189900So here we are! Another day in California State Prison. It’s raining outside and the temperature has cooled off and we all are loving it.  This is after of course a period of 106 degree heat and a humidity factor that was unbearable. Honestly, when it is like that I am just like, “don’t talk to me – just leave me alone, let me lay here very still with a wet towel on my chest and the fan blowing on me!


Other than the weather report (LOL) I am personally doing wonderful things with my rehabilitation here.  God is so very strong and comforting.  There is just no way I could do this alone.  I still go through many things here in prison that can give me an excuse to believe I have problems.  But most of the time it’s just all in my head, old habits as it were creeping around my brain.  Truly the real enemy is right between the eyes, LOL,  it is true thought!!!


Staying vigilant to what’s in my head helps me to help myself and others.

The difficult times, really difficult

Cross of lightFor
Stevan Chambers
3/16/1989 to
What do we do when we feel the pressures that life can deal us? How are we suppose to respond to experiences that give us a reason to feel anger, hate, sadness and shame?  Some of us start to look for an escape goat to blame.  But it is our own true feelings we are avoiding because we do not want to acknowledge our own intense feelings.


“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulations; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  JOHN  16:33

When a life is lost that is close to you, you will go through many trials inside.  You need to know that these experiences are not tests but acknowledgements that our faith in God is real and infinite. Death is not an expression of one lost but is an expression that our loved one is now closer to the Creator.  And with prayer in union you are even closer than before.  I write this because I know it to be true.With our very prayers and Faith we stay in contact.


“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with Thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God.” PHILIPPIANS  4:6

We honor those that have departed with our daily thoughts and choices.


“No one, when he has lit a lamp, covers it with a vessel or puts it under a bed, but sets it on a lamp stand, that those who enter may see the light. For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.:  LUKE 8:16-17



Random thinking…

learningI lay here thinking and feeling and reminding myself of past experiences. My heart is open and does forgive, first I forgive myself.  There is a lot to forgive, for I do make mistakes which reminds me that this is not a perfect state I am in.  I just need to remember that the only perfect absolute is the Light of the soul and spirit.  Without forgiveness there really would only be confusion and hostility towards oneself. I want to be so perfect, trying to seek answers to my problems.  But here is a question for the mind…what is a problem? And if there is a solution, is there really a problem?


So here we are, back to prison life, spending the days as productive as we can with what resources there are here.  Such a social experience in here, so many different backgrounds and experiences makes you aware of the diversity in others.Used correctly this awareness can help one become a better, more tolerant person.  And the world needs more of those right?!


School days

2189900Oh how sweet it is to be almost done with summer semester and let me add it has been a very interesting semester at that!  The conclusion is something I hope to be happy about (grades).  So as I get closer to fulfilling the requirements for my first two years of college, everything seems worth it.  I have to admit with all my heart that the experience with academia has helped to increase my awareness of myself a lot.


And I am so very grateful to the prison system in California for giving me this opportunity.  I think as a matter of fact, a letter from me to the CDCR thanking them for implementing this college program is coming soon!!

So that being said, what else is going on here in prison you ask? Not much! Everyday the same routine – wake up, brush teeth, drink coffee and go eat breakfast.  Then back to study time for the next 6 hours. Then take a good nap, get ready for dinner followed by a little nighttime TV.  Over and over and over. My mom said, “It’s not much different out here really when you think about it…”,  now that is funny when you think about it!! LOL



Cross of lightIt’s really strange sometimes, but I feel that there is something greater than myself that is watching, guiding and protecting me while in prison.  I have met another person recently who has a really good soul and a very bright energy emanating out and in.  Since I have been here in Chino there have been 2 people I have crossed paths with so far in whom the mutual respect and maturity has offered great lines of conversation in all directions for us both.  Could is just be chance? Or some divine power greater than myself offering assistance and guidance?  You know sometimes questions are better not answered….All I do know is that I am very grateful to cross paths with these people.


I have noticed something about myself; I am not perfect by any means.  It’s so strange because my thoughts can be real high and then real low, sort of like a roller coaster.  It seems impossible to stay in a perfect state of balance.  One tool that helps me is good, positive self-talk. It is my self-talk that drives the darkness into the light.  Part of being human, I guess, having ups and downs.  But the liberation to be able to cope with life free from alcohol and drugs! Dealing with life on life’s terms, liberating!


Once again I am grateful to be able to write this blog, to put into words how perfect all of the experiences we share are. The great ones remind us of the little ones and the bad ones remind us of the good ones.


Good obsessions

laughingI have found a new obsession and it is called Algebra.  I will admit that some of it is fun and then some of it is just a bit frustrating!  But with anything in life, what you put in is what you get out.  So every day and night I have committed myself to this goal of learning.  I have to admit for a person that left home and school at a very early age trying to learn math is at times challenging.


Well, I am trying to lose some weight here because I found out that my BMI says I am 20 lbs overweight.  My program inside here has changed for the better too.  Summer season here in California is just wonderful and delightful :) The trees are a bright green and the inmates gardens are amazing.  Honestly you would be amazed at how much respect some of the prisoners have for the nurturing and care of these plants.  I do believe gardening does teach inmates the right thoughts, the right attitudes, and the right behaviors.  No doubt, it is rehabilitation that works.

Other than that I am just paying my debt to society and changing my old values for new ones.

Oh yea, go USA Women’s Team for winning the World Cup!! What a game!!